Monday, June 14, 2010

Looking for a room or, the Goldilocks conundrum

Don't panic.  What I mean is that we're still looking for a place to celebrate after the wedding.  Anyone have any tips or recommendations?  We've certainly found some interesting places to celebrate but we keep running into the same problem.  Our party is not going to be all that big.  We figure somewhere in the range of 35-40 people.  Every place we've seen so far is too big or too small. Most places seem set up for 100 people.  And the small places seem like they fit about 25 people. 

Did you know you can rent a banquet hall in the Eigelstein Torburg?  That was the first place we checked out.   I think it is a situation where the idea of it is much better than the reality.  We're always going out to eat or drink in the neighborhood nearby.  So it'd be a nice way of showing off our adopted neighborhood.  Plus, for those coming from overseas, it would be pretty cool to celebrate inside a building like that.  The size of the room was not so bad.  But there's quite a bit of stairs involved leaving no real access to outside for smokers or anyone who just needs some fresh air.  The main floor is also in pretty rough shape.  I still wish it could be here, but it just isn't very practical.

We also considered looking at the Severinstorburg.  It certainly seems a bit more polished and professional just based on the website.  But it is also quite a bit more money and probably much too large for our group. Plus it is nowhere near where any of us would be coming from or going to.  We may still look this week just to get another opinion, but I think we've already decided against it. 

So far, the strongest candidate is the Kölner Seilbahn.  It is an unusual idea to be sure.  They have a small event room they rent for parties just behind the ticket office.  The only problem is the room seems a little too tight.  It is just 45 square meters. If the weather is nice, however, we can all spill outside on the patio.  Plus, at least for the first few hours of the party, the Seilbahn will still be operating and guests can go for free(?) rides.  (Here's my first encounter with the Seilbahn.)

We're not done looking yet.  But I think we need to find something pretty soon.  Time seems to be running out.  Less than a month now until the big day.  (Yipe!)

By the way, how do you like the new look?  Just last week I was driving myself crazy trying to tinker with the look of the site.  Over the weekend it seems Blogger rolled out a new design-your-own feature.  I can't believe this didn't exist long before.  It was long overdue.  I'm not totally sold on the background image, but it'll suffice for now.  Overall I think it is way better than the old templates they had available.

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