Thursday, June 17, 2010

I haven't seen when the Weigh-In is scheduled...

...but the way US Goalkeeper Tim Howard is talking, it looks like we're in for a boxing match on Friday.  Enjoy some pre-game smack talk here.  More pre-game match-ups and a prediction posted here within the next day or so. 

Normally I work on Friday afternoons until 3:30.  The US-Slovenia game kicks off at 4.  It is about an hour commute home with the train, a half hour by car.  (Although lately it has taken nearly an hour by car due to the fun roadwork along the river.)  Initially I was prepared to find a bar near work and watch the game there.  But today I received a rare good email from my boss.  Classes are canceled Friday afternoon so that the kids can watch the football match.  No, not the US one, the earlier one, Germany-Serbia.  So... a bonus day off work, a chance to watch the US play, on a day that She is actually off work too! Wow, maybe I'll go out and play the lottery.

In regards to the Germany game, it seems we're not done with bad videos yet.  I just caught another one during the post-game report of the South Africa-Uruguay game.  Although it features some of the Cologne skyline, it'll definitely make you appreciate the technical ability of the last one I posted. 

I wish I could post some bad music videos in support of the US Men's team.  Unfortunately, apart from some well done Nike commercials, I just don't think there's that much interest back home for people to take the initiative to do something like that.  I guess team members have to take it upon themselves to make one.  Check this one out from four years ago, featuring team member Clint Dempsey.

And finally, it is not very often I find myself agreeing with conservative David Brooks, but we may finally have something in common.  Here's a little he said / she said.

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