Wednesday, April 29, 2009

strange dreams

I'm not one of those who remembers their dreams each night, but I've noticed that I've had an awful lot lately. And they are getting strange. With just a little over two months to go, I expect that they will be appearing with more frequency.

Last night I dreamed I was in a crowded movie theater. I got there just after the movie started and I noticed there were no aisles. I had to hurdle several rows and shove past people in order to get to an empty seat. Finally, after all of that I realized the picture was in Italian with no subtitles.

I've been awfully busy lately with homework. I was also able to throw out quite a bit over the weekend. Not as much as I'd like but it is a start. The next step is to ask around and see if I can unload some of the bigger items on some friends and family. Anyone need any antique Swedish bookshelves?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Will it ever sink in? Cardinals 4 - Cubs 3.

That was the very definition of procrastination. I told myself not to get too involved in this Cubs season - especially after the previous two. The last thing is for me to get wrapped up in this and then move thousands of miles away. Well, fortunately for me, last night's game occurred. I guess it was a blessing in disguise. One of those reminders that the Cubs are the Cubs and that more than likely, things aren't any different. New lineup, same results. Had it not been for some very Cub-like defense by St. Louis late in the game, there was no way the score would have been so close. And worst of all, a key injury exposed the team's lack of depth on the bench. Let's face it, until he's 100%, pinch hitting Milton Bradley will always cost you two players because someone will have to run for him. Yep, same as it ever was.

Where are those boxes? Let me at 'em.

Get rid of what I don't need

It is Friday evening and it is absolutely gorgeous outside. This weekend's forecast calls for a whole lot of rain. There is a good chance that the Chicago area won't see weather like today's until mid-June. Seems like the perfect time to sit in a basement and put off doing the things that are more important.

What are some of these things? I still have some homework to do before tomorrow's German lesson. But that's just one exercise. I can knock that out pretty quickly. No, what I have is something that I've been dreading since I made this decision, the one thing that I'm worse at than almost anyone I know. Packing for a move. Packing isn't so much the difficult part, it is all the preparation that I'm no good at. What do I bring with? What stays behind? If it stays behind, where does it stay? And worst of all: what gets thrown out?

I am a packrat. I'm from a family of packrats. I've seen this coming and I haven't been looking forward to this. I am excited for this move for so many reasons. One of which is to simplify my life. Get rid of what I don't need. Get rid of what I don't need. Get rid of what I don't need. I need to keep repeating this until it it is done.

I planned this move well over a year ago. In February of 2008 I moved back home to mom's. The plan was to save a little money and leave in the fall. A shorter commute, a few less bills. Autumn came and went but due to circumstances beyond my control, I remained here.

When I cleaned out the old apartment, I was pretty impressed with what I threw out, gave away and donated. When I got to the house, I was not so proud of how much still remained. Especially when it ended up stacked in piles all around me. The last thing this place needs is more stuff.

So this weekend I am making it my goal to sort through at least a few boxes. I have to start somewhere. Get the ball rolling. Get rid of stuff I don't need. Get rid of stuff I don't need. Get ri... right after I finish this last bit of homework.

Get rid of stuff I don't need. Get rid of... oh, and didn't I hear that the Cubs are using a new lineup tonight? Soriano's finally batting third? Man, I might have to see that.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

an inauspicious start

Just days into this blogging thing and I have come across some major IT issues. Seems the wireless router is on the fritz. I may have made a major breakthrough tonight. Nearly complete guesswork seems to have solved the issue. In fact it appears faster than it had been. Then again, it has appeared to work these last few nights only to revert to crap in the morning. We shall see about this.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The countdown begins

On July 1st, 2009 I will be moving from Chicago to Cologne, Germany. Three years ago, I had very little knowledge about day to day life in Germany. Frankly, I never thought much of visiting the country. And Cologne? For someone with little to no sense of smell, cologne was something I was always afraid of overusing before going on a date.

By mid-June I will have quit a solid, well paying job as a video editor. A job that, despite the economy, granted me a bonus this year on top of a small raise. Soon I will have to pack what items I deem necessary and then decide what to do with the rest. Then it is off to a place I am not familiar with and a language that I am only just beginning to learn. And oh yeah, one more thing: somewhere along the way I have to try to find a job.

I have started this blog to document my transition and assimilation into a new culture. I hope to share with you my experiences - the good and the not so good. I also look forward to hearing from you. That's right, I expect some work out of you as well. If you've made a similar move, what was your experience like? And for those of you living in Cologne, feel free to pass along any recommendations.

Of course I won't be completely alone in this endeavor. Actually, that's the whole reason for this move. But I'll save that for upcoming entries.