Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ein Punkt ist ein Punkt

Luck or skill?  I'll let you decide.   Either way, both England and the US escaped defeat and the group is still up for grabs.  Maybe Green makes that save the next 100 times.  This time he didn't.  In my opinion he didn't "give it away" as I'm sure most will suggest.  He just didn't save it.  Is it his fault?  The coach's fault for playing him?  It doesn't really matter at this point.  This is why you play the games. The goal counts and the game ended in a draw. 

There were some early signs of nervousness, but the US was able to play some defense reminiscent of last summer.  There were great plays on both sides and I think both teams might be happy with the draw, though they'd say otherwise.  It seemed to me (but I'm hardly a professional expert) that the US missed some big opportunities and also misplayed quite a lot of passes.  I think there is definitely room for improvement.  As for England?  Well, I guess they are just warming up too.  To be sure, I'm glad the US played them in the first game and not the third.

I say a point is a point and the main thing is England doesn't have 3 points.

We ended up at Joe Champs (still a cringe-worthy name for an "American" style bar).  The place was packed and I was really impressed.  The US fans outnumbered the English fans, but there was still quite a bit of raucous debate.  When the game ended I really wanted to lead the crowd in a bit of "Over There," but then decided that might not be a wise decision given where I was.  Then again, I'm sure no one in the place would even know what I was signing.  Even any Americans that might have been there. 

I teach class next Friday until 3:30.  The next US game kicks off that afternoon at 4.  No idea how I'm going to make it in time.  Fingers crossed!

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