Saturday, June 5, 2010

the longest day

Just a few more hours and we're on our way back to the airport.  These days are always tough even before the jet lag.  I've never been good at saying goodbye.  I doubt it will be any easier this time given the circumstances.  This was a really good visit.  We were fortunate enough to have exceptionally good weather this time.  Just about all of our goals were accomplished, although we only managed to get deep dish pizza just one time.  Still, there was hardly a family member, friend or restaurant that we didn't get to visit.  I also managed to buy some obnoxious US Soccer/Football swag to parade around in during the World Cup next month.  (Look out, England.)  The next month and a half leading up to the wedding is going to be really hectic.  Other than the date at city hall, we've hardly got anything else planned.  Hopefully we can knock that out in the next week.  Anyway, I'd better go finish my packing.  Thanks to my wonderful family and friends that took the time to hang out during this trip.  That's always the best part of these visits. 

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